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Cane Bay Financial Planning LLC is dedicated to educating our clients on what it takes to thrive financially in modern day America.  

Proper wealth management will give you the tools you need to live the life style that you desire through retirement. 

We also work with businesses to help them to develop stronger retirement programs and strategic retirement outcomes for employees.

Lastly, we prepare taxes. Incorporating an efficient tax plan into your finances is so important. We find doing our clients taxes helps us to give more efficient financial service. 

Let us walk you through our process so we can help you get on track to building your wealth where it counts. 


What We Do for Individuals

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Our Financial Planner Stephanie Harvey, RICP will help you determine your financial goals.

Our Tax Preparer Mae will help you prepare your taxes. Your finances and taxes go hand in hand. 

We will then help you figure out the best plan and how to overcome any obstacles in your path. This can include minimizing taxes, enhancing your investment returns and minimizing risk. 

Next we will be a constant and reliable resource to make sure you continuously work towards whatever financial success means to you.


What We Do for

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Our Financial Planner Stephanie Harvey, RICP will help you determine your goals for your retirement program

We will then help review your current program to see what changes could be made to improve it. Next we will walk you through the entire process to put your improved plan in place.

Lastly we will be a constant resource to make sure you and your employees can have healthy retirement outcomes while also taking care of the many requirements that come with a retirement program.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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