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Cane Bay Financial Planning LLC

Stephanie Harvey has been working in several areas of the financial industry since 2012. No matter where she worked she noticed a passion for one common thing and that was helping to guide people to do what was best for them. 


Today she helps individuals and businesses to develop a plan to work towards their goals.  One of Stephanie's biggest priorities is to help educate people on what it means to be financially sound. Most people have little to no knowledge on what that means. She realized when it comes to finances most people prefer it to be out of sight and out of mind. This of course creates a huge problem with the majority of Americans.

Stephanie will guide you through her process every step of the way while making sure you are growing closer to your goals every year. One of the things she does best is not only find a plan that works best for her clients, but she follows up to ensure that the plan is working. If its not then she helps coach her clients to figure out where the problem is and advises on what they can do. The attention she gives to her clients is unmatched.  


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